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Timetable for Mid March to April.
May and June are being developed.
Date 1 2 3 4
18th March rwyweekend
19th March rwyweekend
20th March TDAT
21st March NETFSH
22ndMarch DHBPPT
26th March BPEIAM
27th March RMJRRSCT
28th March NEBPJR
29th March MLATPT
2nd April PBNERS
3rd April DHJRPS
4th April NEJFJR
5th April MLBPPT
9th April RMRSAT
10th April NEJRCT
11th April JFBP
12th April NEPT
16th April DHAM
17th April RMJR
18th April NEJRRS
19th April TFMLBPPT
23rd April DHRMCT
24th April JRATCT
25th April JFBPRS
26th April TFPT
30th April PBDHRS

Volunteers are rostered to cover the days Ormesby Hall's model railways are open.

This year we open on Sundays (pink background), Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The railway weekend will have a separate roster. Thanks to Norman for the draft.

The table is a reminder for volunteers using the website. Updated 14th March 2017.

To contact me please use this e-mail link

Please note we will not be meeting on the following Monday nights
5 June
12 June
14 August
27 November

I will add further dates if I am informed by Adam